Custom Orders

I love a custom order! And very happy to undertake the challenge to create that perfect piece of art or treasured gift that you desire.

To place a custom order or to discuss the project you have in mind, please pop me an email via or use our 'Contact Us' page on this website.

The T&C's are listed below in relation to aspects of my work. Please do read these through as they cover some important information regarding deposits, time scales etc.






Data Protection

Order forms containing client information will be stored for 5 years. At no time will Sunflower Artistry pass any information on to third parties. No payment information will be held.



In the unlikely event a client is unhappy with the service or item they have received then this should be indicated in writing with a clear explanation and example of the reasons. Sunflower Artistry will review any such complaint and get a 3rd party review of the situation to assess the quality of work produced and the validity of the complaint.


Use of images

Sunflower Artistry reserve the right to use images of any and all works for their own commercial use. If you require images of your order to be kept from appearing in this way you must express this at the time the order is placed, in writing (notes section of order form)


Artistic Licence

As a freehand fine artist all works can contain variations and no two items will ever be identical. Although every effort will be taken to comply with a client’s requests Sunflower Artistry reserve the right to use their artistic licence to produce a work they deem to be worthy of sale.



All works produced by Sunflower Artistry are protected by copyright. They therefore cannot be copied or altered without prior consent.


Deposits and Payments:

Orders with a value greater than £100 will require a 30% non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the balance will then become due when the order is complete and ready for shipping unless a payment agreement is entered in to.


Orders with a value lower than £100 will require payment in advance.


Due to licesncing it is not possible for us to accept payment in more than 4 instalments, including the deposit. The terms regarding a payment agreement will be specific to each order but most commonly will consist of a deposit and 3 further payments paid at agreed stages. Each payment will be non-refundable. Payment agreements are granted at the discretion of Sunflower Artistry.


Custom and Personalised Orders

All requests for customising or personalising items must be clearly communicated to Sunflower Artistry in writing. Depending upon the service requested it may be necessary for the client to review work at different stages. It is the responsibility of the client to request this opportunity if it is not offered. Updates can be provided via Skype, electronic photos or the client may visit in person.


The requirements of the brief must be clear prior to payment. If a client wishes a specific writing style for example, a shape change etc all must be agreed prior to payment. Once payment is made the brief is set and cannot be changed once work has commenced and any changes would have to be agreed and additional costs paid for. You may be offered some standard customising options but these will be the only options available.


Returns can only be accepted if the item is faulty.



All items are sent via tracked delivery systems. Sunflower Artistry accepts no responsibility for items becoming damaged or lost in transit however, we will assist in any reasonable way we can to resolve the issue with the courier should the client require replacement items.




At the time of ordering the client will be given an estimated time frame in which the order will be completed. These time frames are intended as a guide only and orders may be ready earlier. In the event an order may be delayed Sunflower Artistry will contact the client to advise of this additional wait time. If the wait is going to exceed and additional 2 weeks (14 Calendar days), Sunflower Artistry may offer discount or another goodwill gesture at their discretion to the client. The client however has the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund.




Non-personalised items

If a client needs to cancel and order then this needs to be expressed in writing (email or Facebook accepted) by the client who placed the original order.


Orders that have not already been shipped but have been paid for then 75% of the order total will be refunded.


If an order has already been shipped then no refund will be given.


Personalised/Custom items

If a client needs to cancel and order then this needs to be expressed in writing (email or facebook accepted) by the client who placed the original order.


If the order has already have been personalised then regretfully a refund cannot be given.


If the order has not yet been personalised then 75% of the order total will be refunded.


In the unlikely event that Sunflower Artistry is unable to fulfil an order after it has been placed then the client will be contacted in writing and a full refund will be given.