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Here you can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.



Are all the products hand-made?

No, not all products are hand-made but all items that are hand-made are listed as so in the product description.


Where do products come from?

The majority of products come from within the UK.

They are either made or purchased from UK businesses but some items may be made outside of the UK. Where possible, the origin of the product will be listed in the item description or on product labelling.


How much is postage?

Items sold directly by Duck in Boots qualify for free delivery after £50 or £4.95 standard delivery charge if under.

Items sold by third parties such as our creative or associate member, may have alternative charges. This will be in the product description if on our web-store or will be visible on their selling site .


Do you offer returns?

Yes. All products purchased directly from Duck in Boots and that have not been a custom or personalised order, can be returned for an exchange or refund within 14 days of delivery/collection. Items must be unused and returned in the same condition as they were sent.

Items personalised, custom orders or items from third party sellers may not be possible to return. We encourage you to reach-out if you have a problem with a product and we will do our best to assist and resolve.


Do you have a shop?

We did and plan to have one again soon. We were on King Street in Sudbury until April 2019.


Can I view products in person?

Sometimes it is possible to view items in person by arrangement while we do not have a shop. We do also offer home shopping and pop up at events as well as offer live video sales. You can learn more about these options by clicking HERE.


Can items be personalised?

Some items can be personalised. Generally this will be listed as an option within the item listing. 

If you wish to discuss a specific item or custom order, you are also welcome to email us and we will do our best to help. You can contact us HERE.



Do I need insurance ?

Yes. You should as a minimum carry public liability insurance and we will ask for proof of insurance. We also recommend that you should hold product insurance and check what other insurance you may require based upon what it is you do or sell. Basic public liability insurance which can be as little as £20 a year.


Why do I need insurance? 

Because you are liable if your items were to cause injury or harm to anyone. Not us. 

For example, if your bar of handmade soap was to cause an allergic reaction, or a child ate some and they got sick, the customer may wish to make a claim. In the event of a claim by a customer, the entire chain of commerce will be involved, including the maker or third party distributer.


Do you cover products for loss or damage?

We are unable to insure your stock for loss, theft or damage. We recommend that you that you insure your stock as well for this reason. 

We take every measure we can to guard against loss, theft or damage such as have CCTV and regular stock takes but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this is enough and we cannot accept liability.


Do you charge commision?

NO! We do not charge commission on our regular retail agreements. In some cases, art exhibitions may have a small commission on sales but this will be made clear under our terms of booking.


What do you mean by business?

If you retail a product or service. To be classed as a business ideally you should hold insurance and file tax returns*.

*It may be that your earnings are below the freshold to file tax returns. Tax is your responsibility and you MUST declare your income by law. We do offer advice around this but it remains your responsibility to comply and check what applies to you.


What about transaction fees?

These are included in your retail hire arrangement. So you keep 100% of your sale.


How often and how are we paid?

Sales are paid monthly. You will be emailed with a sales report usually on the 28th of the Month. Payment will then be with you within 5 days if by BAC's.

Paypal and cheque are also an option. We do not pay sales in cash.


How long will my contract be?

This answer depends on what space option you choose.

We have most spaces available on a monthly basis but recommend that you allow at least 3 months to evaluate.

Larger units have a minimum term generally of 3 months or more.


How much notice will I need to give to leave?

For standard spaces we ask for one full month.

Larger spaces generally require 2 months notice.

All our terms and conditions will be provided for you to read before any agreement is entered into.


How much will it cost?

We aim to have a range of space options to suit as many budgets as possible. Prices start from £2.50 a week but on average we find businesses spend between £1 and £2 a day for their space choices. 

Our standard retail agreements are all inclusive so you keep 100% of your sales. We cover all the transaction fees, bags, packaging and advertising. We even provide the staffing although, there are opportunities to get involved and gain discounts on spaces and extra opportunities.

We also accommodate larger spaces. Prices for these are contained in our price guide at application stage.

Payments for space are required monthly and will be required to be paid either by standing order or paid via BAC's upon invoice. We do not accept card or cash.


How do I apply?

When we are open for applications, you can receive one by checking out our JOIN US page. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications when we do not have the process open. You can though, join our mailing list and you will be told when our application process re-opens.


Do you offer exclusivity?

Yes and no. Depending on the location available, we may have a significant amount of space that will require a larger number of businesses to join us.

What we look for in our applications is your USP (unique selling point) and its very important in your application, you tell us what makes your products or services unique.


We never allow the sale of identical products but we may have more than one jewellery maker so long as there are enough differences in the products.


Can I use my own labels?

Yes. However, you must also use one of our labels. Items have to be clearly marked with whether they are hand-made or not, their place of origin and we are hoping to include things like carbon footprint as well as a QR or barcode for ease of sale at checkout.

You must also ensure that your products hold all the legally required safety labelling. We do offer advice around this but generally candles, cosmetics and anything coming into direct contact with the skin, must carry labelling.


What items do you not accept?

We do not accept items that are a breach of copyright or trademark. Toys if they are not CE certified or anything that does not meet our ethical standards. 

A full list of of standards and exclusions will be sent to you along with our application form.