Join Duck in Boots

All the info you need to join us at Duck in Boots, including pricing, benefits and information.

New Memberships for 2021! Our memberships are just £6.50 a month and you get the following benefits:

  1. Your own web shop within the Duck in Boots website
  2. Unlimited listings with zero insertion fees and 0% commission*
  3. Discount on physical spaces such as at our events, our pop up units and shop space (subject to availability)
  4. Six free virtual market spaces per year
  5. Notified first of new events, retail opportunities and exciting projects
  6. Discount on digital advertising
  7. The option to join our exclusive Facebook group
  8. Two social media promotions on Duck in Boots social media per month

You’re not tied in either so you can cancel at any time.

*Commission only plans available for artists and sculptors 

Not just anyone can join us. You must meet our ethical and quality standards. For very new businesses and hobbyists who would like assistance with compliance standards with regards to product safety, insurance and other sometimes complicated requirements, drop us an email to 


We have a great membership package which comes packed with benefits. Your membership comes free with any in-store package you take out with us or it is just £6.50pcm. 

Creative & Associate Membership items

​Facebook group - This exclusive group is the fastest way to keep up to date with tips, trends and news. We offer support, advertise events you can take part in and we all socialise and encourage each-other. We also cover topics in our regular emails but most news will hit the Facebook group first.

Video promotions - We present live videos where we showcase and sell products. This is a very popular way to reach customers and in our first 6 months alone, some videos received over 13,000 views. Members get 2 video appearances a year free*

​Live links - As a member you get a free live link on our website to your choice of either a website, online shop or social media page. 

​Space at events - We appear at various events around East Anglia and are looking to expand across the UK. We offer spaces at these events where the Duck in Boots team will take your items and sell them on your behalf. We offer a selection of space sizes from a simple box to a whole table. Only members are offered the opportunity of space at these events. They are first come first served though!

Social media promotion - As part of your membership we offer social media promotion. This includes both Instagram and Facebook as a minimum but may also include twitter and other sites. The promotion will be solely about you and will include a link to you and your business on our website ensuring that customers can find out all about you and how to purchase your products. 

Retail Space - Get first refusal and discount on physical space in our stores, subject to availability of course.

Your own page and listings - Members get their own page on our website unlimited listings to sell products with no commission or listing fees!

We also offer support and advice such as changes in legislation and what trends are emerging. 

For more information and to be considered to join us here at Duck in Boots, please complete our short application.