Welcome to

Peridot Rose

Hello, my name is Nene
(Short for Genine – my Mum wanted something different, that could not be
shortened – sorry Mum)
Welcome to my world and the results of my jewellery making, I hope you enjoy
them as much as I do. My work is individual, one of pieces, apart from when I
am asked to make more of the same for weddings.
In October 2012, my Daughter Kerry introduced me to jewellery making and
gem stones. It was a whole new world to me, so exciting, learning the different
skills involved, as well as learning about the various gem stones that we were
able to use in our work. Discovering where these gems come from, how and
where they are mined, faceted and so on. A subject that I am still learning
something new each day.
2013 we came up with the name Peridot Rose Jewellery. Peridot being my birth
stone (August) and Rose, named after my Mum and my passion for flowers and
Always looking for new, fresh ideas, I have attended various courses using
different mediums. At present I am in the middle of completing my second
course in Silver Smithing.
Having lived in this beautiful county of Suffolk for 28 years, I find myself
involved with our local community and charities supporting them with their
events. I have met some very interesting and amazing people on my jewellery
making journey, also made a lot of lovely friends, who continue to encourage and
inspire me.
Hope you enjoy and like what you see.

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