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We are a pretty unique thing. We trade online, via videos, at events, in peoples homes and we aim to be back in full premises again too.

With so many ways to reach customers, and passionate support by your side, we completely get why you would love to get involved.

Right now we are closed for general applications but below, you can see our current membership options.

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More than just a way to sell  - get support and  exclusive opportunities.

Retail Space

The affordable high-street option for indie businesses.


Grab a piece of the action by booking one-off promotional opportunities.


Find out if we can work with your business and other commonly asked questions.

C&A Memberships

Duck in Boots memberships are for independent businesses with products they sell. If you are an independent business with services rather than products, please click HERE. You can also visit our FAQ page for more information about who can apply to be part of Duck in Boots.

Our memberships are designed to give you the best possible Duck in Boots experience. You can get both online and physical opportunities to sell your products under a growing popular brand. We want everyone to succeed and will do our level best to get you results. Sarah gets to know each business and person we work with personally so, your content and promotions are genuine. It is possible to book just promotional opportunities or retail space without being a member too.

Our memberships are affordable and packed with features, plus, as a member, you are part of our exclusive club. Not just anyone can be a member. You will have to apply and meet all our essential criteria. Don't worry if your new to your craft and need help achieving member status, we have created a support group for you too and it's completely free! You can learn more about this HERE.

We have 4 levels of membership open to both creatives and associates (C&A). Creatives are people who create their own products and associates are people who buy in and re-sell products. 

Creative & Associate Membership items:

Facebook group - This C&A members only group is the fastest way to keep up to date with tips, trends and news. We offer support, advertise events you can take part in and we all socialise and encourage each-other. We also cover topics in our weekly update emails but most news will hit the Facebook group first.

Video promotions - We present live videos where we showcase and sell products. This is a very popular way to reach customers and in our first 6 months alone, some videos received over 13,000 views. C&A's receive either a discount or or exclusive C&A price on these video promotions. To read more on video promotion pricing, please click HERE.

Live links - Depending on what level of C&A you select, you will be allowed a link(s) to either your own social media platforms or web-store. If you opt for a level which includes a profile or page, your links will appear in these spaces as well as in our directory. If you opt for our Silver plan, your link will appear only in our directory. That is no bad thing though! This page acts as a brilliant and free resource to customers who are looking to support independent businesses.

Space at events - We appear at various events around East Anglia and are looking to expand across the UK. We offer spaces at these events where the Duck in Boots team will take your items and sell them on your behalf. We offer a selection of space sizes from a simple box to a whole table. Depending on what level of C&A you opt for, you could be eligible for either a discount or exclusive C&A only price. You could even be eligible for priority booking which is useful as some events are very popular and spaces are often limited so book out quickly.

Mini profile - A mini profile is pretty much what it says on the tin. We create a mini profile for you on our website along with an image, a little bio and live link(s) which is a great way of allowing customers to really connect with the fact that your business is not a faceless cooperate.

Social media promotion - As part of some of our C&A levels, we offer social media promotion. This includes both Instagram and Facebook as a minimum but may also include twitter and other sites. The promotion will be solely about you and will include a link to you and your business on our website ensuring that customers can find out all about you and how to purchase your products.

Page on our website - We will create a whole page with a gallery on our website all about you and your products. This will include links and gives you excellent exposure. We can update this once a month for you too so you can keep your page looking fresh with all your latest offerings.

Retail Space - This refers to when we occupy premises. Although we are not in premises at this moment. We endeavour to occupy premises again in the future. Some C&A levels offer a discount or exclusive C&A price on space within our shop(s). Our top level also offers you priority booking of retail space meaning you will be one of the first to pick spaces out.

Products in our web-store - This is only available to our top level C&A's. You get up to 50 products (which can all have customisable features and price levels) within our web-store. There are no listing fees and we do not pass on any of the card fees meaning you get 100% of you sales. You will be given your own collection which is accessible alone or within our main shop. You keep your products with you or make to order and will be responsible for your own shipping and we notify you of sales daily and pass on your sales revenue monthly.

Facebook album - For our top level C&A's, you also get a album on our Facebook page.

Customer members section - We have created a members section for our customers. We have both free and VIP memberships available for our customers offering various incentives. The members section on our website includes access to a private craft market. Our top level C&A's are able to submit exclusive content and offers, advertisements and products to this section which will increase their visibility with our regular customers.

We also offer support and advice such as changes in legislation and what trends are emerging. You also have access to book with a business advisory for more in-depth 1:1 support with Kate Kelly The Business Plumber.

Retail Space

The affordable high-street solution

Who wouldn't love to see their products available on the high-street? Thing is, it is just not an affordable way of retailing. We get that. That is why our spaces offer you affordable options starting from £2.50 a week! 

Our most popular spaces work out at £1 a day but we have spaces to support all budgets from your own shop units to a simple basket. Even better, there are no card charges so you keep 100% of your sales. If you are in interested in space with us, then please complete our application form. 

Applications are currently closed.

Please click HERE to join our mailing list to hear when they re-open.



Virtual option - no need to send us items to show

Be featured in one of our live videos. We can promote up to 10 products of yours with live links to purchase. Option for live interview or pre-recorded video message.

Members discount 10%

Members Exclusive £10



Video +

A full show case with demonstration and close ups of actual products

Be featured in one of our live videos. We can promote up to 10 physical products of yours with live links to purchase. Plus, a further 10 products in our album and website with links. Option for live interview or pre-recorded video message.

Members discount 20%

Members Exclusive £12




Part of our sales bags

New for 2020. 

At events we offer a complementary eco bag to visitors which also contains promotional cards and leaflets. Add yours!

This offer is complimentary to any booking of physical space at an event.




Appear on our social media

Be featured on our social media. We will write up an advert with images and links and share you on our Facebook and Instagram.

Members discount 10%

Gold and above members - this is already included.



Social +

Social media bundle

Be featured on our social media twice in 6 weeks with a written advert, images, links, video plus be featured in our newsletter mailed to all our members and subscribers.

Members discount 20%

Platinum and above members - this is already included. 




Appear at one of locations

Not currently available.



Clare Priory

Apply to be part of our showcase

Clare Priory is a two day craft fair featuring the best of handmade. It has been running for over 25 years and is attended by thousands. We are considering external applications for the first time to be part of our existing team of creatives at this event.

Members discount 10%

Gold and above members - 25%