This beer tasting set is from the Earlstree & Co collection is designed with the contemporary gentleman in mind. The beer flight is ideal for those who can’t commit to just one beer: craft beer-lovers can sample a host of brews and taste through the colour spectrum, from light lagers to rich, dark stouts. Creating an authentic craft brewery experience, this taster set can be used to serve homemade brews or to enjoy a selection of branded beers in the comfort of one’s man cave. The set includes four half-pint glasses and a pine wood board to serve them on. This beer tasting set is presented in an Earlstree & Co box to make it an ideal gift.

Earlstree & Co Tasting Kit Features:

  • Gift boxed
  • Glass & pine wood
  • Glass capacity: 8fl oz/210ml
  • Flight board approx.
  • 42W x 9
  • 8D cm (16½ x 4 in)

Beer Tasting Set

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