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Meet the Tonie!


The Tonies Favourite Children's Songs - Counting Songs/Times character magnetically attaches to the Toniebox (sold separately), allowing you to listen to something different every time. Switch with different Tonie characters and quickly jump between audiobooks, music or your own interactive audio adventures.

Learning to count with this little fox is really fun, discover the world of numbers and times in a playful way with lots of great children’s songs like "Ten Little Sailors", "One, Two, Three, Four, Five" and "Alice The Camel".



  • Sturdy & robust
  • Suitable for 3 years+
  • Runs for approx 58 minutes
  • Hand painted, magnetic character
  • Add the Tonie character on-top of the Tonie Toniebox (sold separately)


This item is available to order. Please allow apporx 2 weeks. 

Made in Germany

Counting Songs - Tonie