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Meet the Tonie!


The Tonies Princess Lillifee character magnetically attaches to the Toniebox (sold separately), allowing you to listen to something different every time. Switch with different Tonie characters and quickly jump between audiobooks, music or your own interactive audio adventures.

Princess Lillifee is a small, sweet flower fairy, who lives in a magical flower palace on a small hill in the middle of a beautiful garden. Her friends are the animals and the plants that live in her garden. Lillifee is loves to help everyone, even if she doesn’t know what to do. Follow her to a magical world of flowers and accompany her to the first fairy ball.



  • Sturdy & robust
  • Suitable for 4 years+
  • Princess Lillifee story
  • Runs for approx 38 minutes
  • Hand painted, magnetic character
  • Add the Tonie character on-top of the Tonie Toniebox (sold separately)
  • Readers: Kim Wilde, Leon Taylor, Tracy E. Lord, Hendrik Wager, Anne-Catrin Maerzke


This item is available to order. Please allow apporx 2 weeks. 

Made in Germany

Lillifee - Tonie