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Whether it is for business or pleasure, start your crochet journey here.  All your information in one place, no more surfing the net, to try and collect information or watching videos and then being interrupted. This tutorial can go with you no matter where you are in the world


Level – Easy


This Sunflower Pattern is easy to follow, images and detailed step by step tutorial.  

There are four patterns included in this digital download.

1 x Full sunflower - approximate  size 15 to 18 cm diameter (depends on your personal crocheting technique).

2 x Semi - circle sunflowers - approximate  size 13 to 15 cm diameter (depends on your personal crocheting technique).

2 x Sunflower leaf sizes - approximate size 5 to 7 cm diameter (depends on your personal crocheting technique).


This pattern is easy to follow with step by step tutorial,images and guides.

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You can download and save this pattern and take it anywhere in the world and create to your heart’s delight. Waiting at airports or at home, take your time or finish the coasters in a day.


This pattern can be used to make a blanket, tea tray, table runner, whether it is for the home or a special occasion.  Create a garland/bunting or add them to your cushion covers.


*PLEASE NOTE this is the PATTERN and INSTRUCTIONS ONLY. It is a digital file that will be automatically sent to your nominated email address. 

**PLEASE NOTE I am happy for you use this pattern for private or business use. Please do not share or sell my pattern.

***DISCLAIMER – These patterns are created by me, using my terminology, there are a variety of different ways to create this and any other pattern.

Sunflower Crochet Pattern, Sunflower Bunting, DIY Crochet Pattern

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