Winner of BBC's The Customer Is Always Right... this awesome game is a brilliant and fun take on charades that the whole family can play! Rules It’s basically charades with your face. You pick a card, pull the face on the card and everyone else has to guess which face you’re pulling. The player with the roundest head starts. As soon as they pull the face anyone else can shout out a guess, using the key cards to see the face numbers. Guessers can’t try again until at least one other player has had a go. No shouting “1, 2, 3, 4, 5...” you cheats. Whoever shouts out the right number wins the card. Then it’s their turn to pull a face. When all the faces have been pulled, count your cards. Most cards wins... obvs!


This arrives with us May 20th! Pre order to save 10% and with free local delivery available too. 

Totes Emosh - Face Pulling Card Game

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