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Hi I am Nadia. I have been married for 34 years and have two wonderful daughters and two incredible sons in laws.  When the girls were young, Daddio - as the girls call him - was travelling a lot and I was working full time. This type of life was horrible for everyone.  A friend suggested, since I was creative, I look at opening a dress up shop for kids. I loved the idea and we opened Fantasia Costume & Prop Hire, where I made all the dress up outfits, revitalised outfits and recreated them into dress up and made the décor.  This business is now 23 years old and being loved by another owner.  This business brought me freedom, joy and time with family and lots and lots of laughs.


I then continued my creative journey with Mio Designs, where I sold my own creations, together with other wonderful creative entrepreneurs. In 2016 we relocated back to the UK and together with a part-time bookkeeping position, I started Refresh Restyle Weddings, where I create bespoke wedding decor and wedding accessories using traditional crafts.  


Coming from a large entrepreneurial family, I was taught at a very young age – under 10 – to create by my dear Mamma and sister and have used my crafting experience to create bespoke wedding dresses, home décor, linen, nursery décor and so much more. My passion is creating and I LOVE creating new projects. I now have a collection of patterns that I have created and tweaked.


Through the years I have done several courses, learning new crafts and new techniques.  My list of crafts is endless from macramé to crochet, wood burning to PVC carving, from sewing to embroidery. 

I have a Craft to Create group, which is all about teaching various projects, what tools to use and tips. You are more than welcome to join me.  Each week is a new and different project.


My workshop often looks like a pile of colourful mess, as I am always looking and planning.

Crafting and creating  is one of my very happy places, there are so many fabrics, buttons, oh boy, do I love buttons, lace, ribbons, to choose from.  So much fun stuff.


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